20. April 2023

Modelwise gets seed investment from Join Capital

A large and growing market opportunity

In many industries, functional safety engineering is mandatory and regulated by law and standards. However, the current methods used by functional safety engineers are inefficient and can take hundreds of hours per component.

Clear value proposition demonstrated by impressive industry collaborations

Modelwise has developed an AI-based software tool that automates nearly 90% of functional safety analysis, reducing the required engineering effort by over 10x (from several weeks to a few days). Additionally, it enables companies to increase the quality of their functional safety analysis, as current manual approaches are prone to errors.

A strong team with a bold vision

Modelwise founders Florian, Arnold and Iliya have over 15 years of combined research experience in software engineering and functional safety engineering automation, mainly earned in the Model-Based Systems & Qualitative Reasoning research group of TU Munich. It was there that they developed the technological basis for Modelwise.

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